What kind of led lights grow plants: Top 7 LED growing light for plants

Indoor gardening has a lot of advantages. The biggest advantage is you have total control over the weather, you can save your plants from garden pests. But it has some disadvantages also.

The main obstacle is to provide sufficient light to your plants to grow effectively if you don’t have any solarium or greenhouse attached to your home.

If you find What kind of led lights grow plants, you will find lots of options in the market. You have to choose carefully.

Not all gardeners have their window side spaces to grow their plants. And there are the artificial lights come into play. The number of house plants you grow needs no longer be limited by the amount of window space available.

Through the use of artificial light, plants can be placed wherever they are wanted for decoration. Shadowy corners, halls, stairways, and other dimly lighted areas can be enlivened with appropriate plant groupings.

How many of you dream of windows full of flowering plants during the dull winter months? Just let me know in the comment section.

Why do plants need light?

Plants need light to turn nature’s substances into sugar and starch, which is their food. This manufacturing process is called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is carried on only when plant tissues containing chlorophyll are exposed to light.

Without light, plants turn yellow or become “chlorotic”. Except green, the other spectrum colors of light are absorbed by plant pigments. The energy from this absorbed light activates leaf “factories”.

Red and blue colors in light are more efficient carriers of energy, and certain light-induced phenomena in plants react more favorably to them.

Light tubes which radiate strong red color, such as incandescents, are most desirable for rooting cuttings, as red rays induce strong root formation. Tubes strong in blue color are more desirable for seedling growth, as blue light regulates node length and produces sturdier plants.

Types of grow lights

Incandescent Light

Incandescent lights are used in plant culture for some purposes. They are used by gardeners to force long-day plants into flower, or to break the budding cycle of short-day plants, such as chrysanthemums, to make them flower at advantageous times.

Although these lights are not recommended because they operate in high temperature that becomes harmful for foliage, often offer the full spectrum of light.

These lights are also insufficient in terms of energy usage. There are much cheaper, effective, and useful options in the market.

Fluorescent light

Fluorescent lights, commonly denoted T12, used to grow the houseplants, starting seeds, and other situations where lighting needs.

These lights are preferred by gardeners because those tubes have the spectrum of light which are required to grow the plants. Fluorescent lights are more energy-efficient than incandescent plants also.

What kind of led lights grow plants

LED lights are the latest technology for growing plants in the market. LED bulbs are more customizable. Every bulb has different specs.

You have to choose the proper bulb that provides the exact mix of red, blue, and other wavelengths which is preferred by the plants you grow. Generally In 400-520 nanometer spectrum range, Violet-blue light encourages chlorophyll absorption, photosynthesis and growth of the plant.

And 610-720 nanometer spectrum range encourages flowering and budding. Before purchasing a light, make sure that the light is fulfilling your requirements and have the desired spectrum of light.

Gardeners prefer LED lights to grow their plants because of it’s low energy usage, low heating issue, color optimization for growth.

Most of the LED lights offer more efficiency, effectiveness than others. That’s why LED lights are the one of best choices of planters as they can enjoy all the benefits of these lights.

Best LED growing light for plants

Overall Best: Roleadro grow light is overall a better grow light than others in the market. It has the most useful grow light spectrum of 460-465nm, 620-740nm.

What kind of led lights grow plants: Top 7 LED growing light for plantsWhat kind of led lights grow plants: Top 7 LED growing light for plants

It also has 6000-6500k wave band which promote the growth of the plant effectively. You can use this light for growing and blooming your plants all year round without any issue.

It has an aluminum cooling plate that controls heat dissipation with advanced features. This 75-watt Roleadro LED grow light is extremely lightweight and very easy to use. You can set up this light very easily and hang it anywhere in your home.

Best budget bulb: GE grow light, a balanced grow light for seeds and greens

This budget-friendly GE LED grow light perfectly fit for your indoor plants. It provides high-quality, full-spectrum light that will help your plants to grow, bloom and flourish all over the year.

What kind of led lights grow plants: Top 7 LED growing light for plantsWhat kind of led lights grow plants: Top 7 LED growing light for plants

This GE PAR-38 grow light provides a pleasant natural light that also covers the decorative purpose of yours.

This grow light also provide a red-blue light spectrum that will help your plants to grow properly. This 32 watt LED bulb has an extreme level of energy efficiency, long-lasting and advanced heat controlling system.

Light weight ultra bright Grow light with reflector

This Monios-L LED grow light has a full-spectrum and perfect waveband to grow your plants effectively. This LED grow light is perfect for your indoor plants, vegetables, and flowering plants for its usability over all stages of plant growth.

What kind of led lights grow plants: Top 7 LED growing light for plantsWhat kind of led lights grow plants: Top 7 LED growing light for plants

The most interesting feature of this light is it has an aluminum reflector which helps to scatter the light all over the plant. With the help of reflector and dual switch independent control system, you can increase the light efficiency to 17-20%.

These 30 watts Monios-L LED grow light consumes very low power which reduces the load on your power supply. It includes a hanging wire to install this light and extremely adjustable in your indoor.

Clip-On Grow light: Best customizable tripod stand grow light for your indoor

This VOGEK lED growing light delivers the exact lumens to growing plants with its broader area of lighting which helps the plants in photosynthesis.

What kind of led lights grow plants: Top 7 LED growing light for plantsWhat kind of led lights grow plants: Top 7 LED growing light for plants

It has the 3 adjustable light lamps to cover the maximum area of lighting. The interesting part of this light is you can easily customize these lamps as per your requirements. You will decide how many lamps remain on and the brightness of these lamps.

The bulbs are replaceable also so you can replace them easily if one of the bulbs damage. It has a strong desk clip which makes it stable and you can bring it anywhere you want. This 96 watts VOGEK LED light energy efficient also with 144 LED beads.

4000W most efficient LED grow light

This Bestva 1000W dual-chip grow light provides the full spectrum of light which helps to grow plants, vegetables, and flowering indoor plants.

What kind of led lights grow plants: Top 7 LED growing light for plantsWhat kind of led lights grow plants: Top 7 LED growing light for plants

You can compare its light with natural sunshine as it helps to grow plants at all the stages. It has much more brightness and power efficiency than other traditional LED bulbs.

It has two switches to control the light, you can on/off the switches as per your energy requirements. It has also a aluminium plate to control the heat dissipation properly.

It has two variants- 1000W and 3000W variant, you can choose one of them according to your requirements. This Bestva 1000W LED grow bulb is extremely energy efficient as this is a high-tech grow light.

Gooseneck LED grow light: Fully adjustable grow light for your indoor plants

This Craftersmark LED floor plant light has 4 head light bar which contains a total of 420pcs LEDs. This high-quality LED bulb provides the full spectrum of light around a large area to grow the plants easily.

What kind of led lights grow plants: Top 7 LED growing light for plantsWhat kind of led lights grow plants: Top 7 LED growing light for plants

It’s usable for all the stages of your plant as it has 4 switch modes and 9 brightness control mode. You can customize your grow light according to your plant’s growth stage.

You can use advanced features like smart timer to auto on/off every day at a same time. It has an adjustable tripod stand that can be used to hold the LED bulbs.

The Craftersmark LED grow light is perfect for indoor gardening, plant propagation, indoor hydroponics, and aquatic plants. This 40W LED bulb also energy efficient for its low power consumption feature.

Best Desk Garden: Aerogarden bounty elite with gourmet herb seed pod kit

If you are in the market of desk garden, Aeroguarden bounty elite should be a better choice for you. Energy-efficient 50W LED bulbs provide the perfect spectrum of light to grow the big harvests like herbs, salads, tomatoes, and many more.

What kind of led lights grow plants: Top 7 LED growing light for plantsWhat kind of led lights grow plants: Top 7 LED growing light for plants

This hydroponic growing system has advanced technology like wifi and Alexa compatibility which helps to control the water level indicator, light’s brightness etc.

It has the inbuilt smart garden technology which reminds you when to give water and food to the plants. This Aerogarden bounty elite indoor growing system can grow up to 9 plants and up to 24″ tall in your indoor garden from germination to the complete growth of a plant.

Benefits of LED grow light

IF you use LED grow light to grow your plants, you don’t have to set up a ventilator to reduce the temperature because of its advanced temperature controlling system.

Traditional grow lights haven’t any temperature control system that’s why the growing cost automatically gets higher by installing a ventilator.

LED grow lights also use very little energy to produce the light so the power consumption is much lower than traditional lights. LED grow lights have much more option to customize the wavelength and other parameters according to your plant’s growth stage.

And there are some differences between LED grow light and normal LED light also in terms of customization. You can use normal LED lights to grow your plants also.

But for better customization options and long-term purposes always go with the LED grow lights as they will give you the proper guidance about the growth of your plant.

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